He Kōrero mō Matariki

About Matariki

Also known as the Pleiades star cluster, but sharing local variants across the world, Matariki heralds the start of the Māori New Year and is a time for being with whānau and sharing gratitude for the living world, and the graces we're afforded in life.

We seek to māharatia (reflect) on the year that was, whakanuia (celebrate) the present and what we achieved, and wawatatia (aspire) for the year ahead. To celebrate Matariki this year, we’ve connected with team members, candidates, and clients to talk about what we’re grateful for.

Decorative Matariki vector showing a family looking at the stars in the sky.

Mānawa maiea te putanga o Matariki.

Celebrate the rising of Matariki

Māharatia. Whakanuia. Wawatatia.

Here's what we're grateful for. Hover over each image below to learn more from each person.