Top 7 Reasons to use a Recruiter

November 12, 2021
Authored by
Bryan Scott

In searching through the labyrinth of job listings, finding the right opportunity can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. At FIND Recruitment, based in the bustling hubs of Auckland & Wellington, our mission is clear; to assist you on your professional journey. Our team of seasoned recruiters, each with a wealth of experience, is here to help you through the job search process, and find the ideal role for you. We understand the challenges, the endless applications, the maze of interviews, and the need for insightful guidance. Insider access to all sorts of different roles and organisations, specialist expertise from industry professionals, and guidance with your CV and interview preperation, as well as feedback are just a few of the perks you gain from using a recruitment company to find your next big opportunity! Still not convinced? Here’s the full list of why Find Recruitment stands out as your career partner:

It’s no secret that the job hunt can be a drain (speaking from experience). Not only does it require you to scour through hours of job boards, and job listings (where every company under the sun does everything that they can to make the role sound a total dream), but it requires you to constantly update your cover letter and CV and to submit so many applications you forget what you’ve actually applied for! Well, fortunately for you, there are experts on hand who can support with this. What you need is a Recruitment Specialist.

Based in Auckland & Wellington, Find has a dynamic team of recruiters, all with at least a decade worth of experience under their belt, and all with specialisations that mean they know what they’re talking about. Working closely with valued clients, and often with exclusive roles, by working with Find, you’ll quickly discover that the path to a new job is a lot clearer. Here’s our Top 7 Reasons why you should use a Recruitment Agency like us, and what you stand to gain!

Recruiter helps candidate prepare for an upcoming interview.

1. Access to all sorts of different roles.

By working with a recruitment specialist, you’ll often find that we have roles that are not yet listed, or that have just come in. Sometimes the meeting before your first interview with us, could have been a client meeting about a new role. Similarly, it could have been a conversation about new opportunities opening up, meaning we’re primed with information for your interview. As a result, timing is everything in the recruitment game, and by being front of mind with a recruiter, you’ll be the first considered when a new role DOES pop up. Recruiters are always in contact with clients, and searching for new ones, meaning that they’re the first to catch the scent of a new role! We have recruiters across Auckland & Wellington who can guide you to success on your job-hunting journey.

2. Friendly, approachable support & advice.

Given our team at Find Recruitment don’t operate on KPIs, you’ll be treated as an individual, and not as a number. You’ll find (pun intended) that forging a genuine connection is not only possible, but encouraged, and that you’ll receive real and honest advice as you navigate the world of employment. You’ll also be able to ask questions about the business that you might feel uncomfortable asking the employer directly, regarding culture, pay and other benefits. Plus, a recruiter can give you advice if you’re considering going contracting or swapping back to permanent roles. These genuine connections also mean that down the track if you look to move again, you already have an established connection.

Recruiter offers friendly advice to her candidate to help her put her best foot forward.

3. Specialist experience.

Our team at Find Recruitment are experts. With four distinctive teams – Auckland Corporate, Auckland IT & Digital, Wellington Corporate and Wellington IT & Digital – with extensive experience in their specific fields of recruitment, you’ll be well matched to an individual who knows the ins-and-outs of the industry. Wanting to break into the legal field, or get a role in product management, or something else altogether? Then you’ll receive genuine advice to help you get a foot in the door. Our Directors also actively recruit and having come from everywhere from Accountancy Firms and IT Firms to the Police, you’ll receive genuine experience and genuine advice!

4. Guidance with your CV & Interview preparation.

Sometimes writing and editing your CV can be like walking in the dark without a torch – you can sometimes feel your way and where you’re headed, but it would be much easier with a light to guide you. Well, our recruitment team can be your light in the dark. Having read thousands of CVs they know what to look out for. They can identify when things are too corny (i.e., the “independent team worker” or “I’m optimistic and pessimistic”) or when something sounds disingenuous (“I’ve loved your company since birth”) and can help you put out these fires before you send your CV across.

Having a CV that has been reviewed by an expert can make all the difference. This way when an employer reads your CV, they see only the info that matters, and none of the excess fluff! Check out this video with Auckland Corporate Director Simon Rooney as a starting point to review your CV: Click here to view.

5. Confidentiality.

Searching for a new job, whilst still employed, is stressful at the best of times. The fear of ‘being caught’ or of a new employer potentially contacting your current employer before you’ve resigned is a real fear. Our team take this search very seriously, and so when you search with Find Recruitment, your confidentiality is most important to us, and our first priority. Nothing is done without your permission, and all your data is kept safe and confidential in our system.

6. Only solid leads.

As aforementioned, the thing you stand to benefit from, with going with Find Recruitment, is that none of our recruiters are on KPIs. This means that you’re more than just a number, and you’ll only be referred to jobs where you stand a genuine chance, and where the client already knows to expect you. The benefit of this is that when it comes to the interview, we’ve already talked about how exceptional you are, so you need to just be yourself, and talk about your skills and talents! With our team having genuine connections to their clients, and having frank and honest discussions, the hiring managers know that they’re receiving the whole truth from our recruiters. You’ll also no longer have to waste your time, trying to prepare for an interview that is not appropriate for your skillset, and instead can just focus on putting your best foot forward!

7. Key Information.

Working closely with a recruiter means that you’ll be a step above the candidates who are not. Recruiter’s work closely with their different clients, often in a friendly and professional manner. They know the ins-and-outs of the business in question, they know what the team you’re joining is like, and they know what the hiring manager is searching for. Having tips like this can make all the difference in giving you an edge over other candidates. Heading into an interview with advanced knowledge will help you be more aware of what is happening, and ideally convert into a new job.

Insider information can make all the difference on your job-making decision.

Ready to begin your job hunt? Check out our latest roles and reach out to a member of the team to start the conversation! You never know where it will take you.

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