In the Spotlight: Sheronika Shandil

July 6, 2022

Our people are our lifeblood here at Find, and we take great care to provide an environment that is enjoyable for all, and where culture-fit is paramount. Today we’re chatting to one of our incredible team members – Sheronika. Based out of our Wellington office, Sheronika joined our Wellington IT & Digital team back in early 2021 and has been having a blast ever since. She's a phenomenal team player, brings a delightful energy to the office every morning, and always has a story to tell to keep everyone entertained! Check out our spotlight of her beneath and get in contact with her if you’d like to experience the difference she makes!

What’s your name, how long have you been in recruitment, and how did you get into it?

My name is Sheronika, I've been in recruitment for 13 years. I started off studying and working in the HR space, and then discovered my passion was recruitment after I started working in the industry. I realised quite quickly that I wanted to make a difference to the hiring process and candidate journey/onboarding.

What’s your favourite part about recruiting in the Wellington market?

We're all 1st or 2nd degree contacts. It's a small market where everyone knows each other, so it's nice to see people quite frequently, or to bump into them in the street. It really helps affirm the 'community' vibe around the Wellington business community

What’s your favourite part about recruiting, in general?

I'm passionate about finding candidates a job they enjoy and where they can grow and develop. On the client side, finding a candidate who complements their team, fills a talent gap, and adds value to the team.  We spend a significant portion of our lives at work, and so I believe you should work in a job you love and with people who complement what you do!

What’s your NUMBER ONE tip for anyone who is job hunting in this market?

The current market is tough for clients, however for candidates, there is ample opportunity. Be very clear about what you want in your next role. It's a buoyant market and very overwhelming for candidates. Keep in mind why you are looking for your next opportunity.

What sort of roles do you specialise in taking care of? Is it easy for people to retrain, or recertify to get roles in that industry?

I’m more of a generalist IT Recruiter, having had to always recruit across any resourcing needs that touch IT so any role from a UX Designer/Desktop Engineer, Solution Architect, Cloud/M365/Dynamics 365 /BAs/Delivery Leads/PMs/Testers through to Data /Salesforce and even 'Heads of'. In this current market, I’m finding clients are a bit more open minded about transferable skills especially when it comes to Product Owners/PMs/Scrum Masters. For the highly technical roles, not so much. Salesforce is a very niche market, there are lots of candidates doing the trailblazer training if their company has signed up to the Salesforce Platform, however clients need to see a track record of their practical experience.

What are some of the ways you can support someone who is searching for work?

I like to take the time to understand what type of role a candidate is wanting and how they want to progress their career. I’m open to providing feedback and guidance on their CV, understanding what the ideal role/team/culture/company they want to work for and supporting with finding them that perfect opportunity

Do you have any predictions for the recruitment market for the next 6-12 months?

As much as the borders are opening, we will lose talent abroad and therefore the talent shortage will continue for some time as we rely on returning Kiwis to make their way home. The contingent market is still very buoyant in Wellington. More candidates expect flexible working arrangements to be a given rather than a benefit. WFH days are just an expectation and clients who are open to candidates working remotely from anywhere in NZ are more likely to attract and retain talent. Businesses who start to slip back into old habits, such as always in office, or removing flexibility will find a reduction in culture and morale, and may struggle to attract talent.

Scenario: I’m in a current role where I love the culture but the salary and benefits aren’t worth it. How do I make sure that I find a good culture-fit role while I’m looking around?

Find out the leadership style of the hiring manager, find out about the internal culture of the company, check out the website and understand their EVP. If you’re going to an interview, it’s as much about you checking out the employer as it is about them checking you out.

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