Interviewing the Interviewer

November 12, 2021

Our consultants are industry defining, and they’re phenomenal at what they do. Everyday they’re busy placing new candidates into the perfect roles, catching up with amazing clients and sharing their insights and tips on this fast-paced industry! A recruiter wears many hats in their roles, jumping between caring for candidates, contractors and clients. This week, we caught up with the one and only Sif Arnardottir, from our Auckland IT/Digital team to have a chat to her about her experience in recruitment, about what makes her tick and what her top tip to new candidates is. Check it out below:

So, how long have you been in recruitment?

After 8 years in Vendor Management, I left to start my first day as a recruiter in 2015 – 6 years later I am still doing it.

What, or who, first got you into recruitment?

Pete Thompson Director at Find. We had worked together at Spark and he knew my work there as a relationship manager. He suggested I give it a crack and hired me into my first Recruitment Consultant role.

What do you enjoy about recruitment?

Every time you get a role that you need to match with a candidate, it’s like you are working a mini project. There is a clear start, middle and a wrap up before you go on to the next one. Its versatile and you get great exposure to so many different parts of the market, people and their positions- both as clients and candidates. Then there is the obvious factor- helping people take on new challenges to further themselves which can sometimes change their lives.

What’s your top tip to candidates when recruiting?

Always remember that it’s a 2 way street and not a competition. Some candidates are so keen to get to the goal that they forget to stop and take stock. Are the company and the role right for you, as well as you being right for them?

Would you rather have unlimited pizza or unlimited tacos?

ARIIIIBA – Tacos all the way , ALWAYS!!!

What’s your favourite thing about interviewing?

I am always in awe when people can tell me good stories about their work, how they got to where they are and what their goals are. I have met some really memorable people.  Also, that feeling you get when you just know it’s right – the personality, the skills, how the person presents themselves with a right amount of talent, fun and charm.

Sif specialises in recruiting for the Technology, IT & Digital sector, and with many years under her belt, is exceptional at what she does! If you’re on the search for talent solutions to bolster your business with exceptional people, then send Sif an email and let her know what you need!

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