Motivate Your Mondays! Lockdown Tips & Tricks

November 12, 2021

So, here we are again. At time of writing, we’re entering into another week of nationwide lockdowns. Despite some cities projected to shift down in alert levels, the restrictions still remain quite severe. By this point, many people have run their course of banana breads, zoom meetings and burning their way through the many different streaming services, and so we’ve compiled our top 7 ways to keep motivated during this lockdown.

Here at FIND, we implemented our industry defining Wellness Days back in early 2020. The Wellness Day is our way of acknowledging that humans need time off, sometimes to just sloth and watch trash tv all day! Given quarterly to every member of our teams, it is a no-questions-asked paid-day-off to spend however they see fit. Want to know more about our Wellness Days and how it could work for your team? Reach out to us here!

  1. Keep your routine

You’ll no doubt have seen this one plastered everywhere, however it does have an element of truth to it. In keeping your routine, you can help the days feel normal, and ensure that you’re not getting impacted by the burnout too quickly. Get up and go to bed at the same time that you normally would, but don’t start work earlier that you would. Spend the time in the morning that would normally be spent on a commute in more positive ways. Listen to your usual radio station, have a good breakfast and watch some tv, or get out for a walk and take in the sights and enjoy the tranquillity of lockdown.

  1. Get in some daily exercise, every day

Exercise is key to a healthy lifestyle. This varies per person, but on the whole, 30 minutes per day, or a total of 2 and a half hours per week, is seen as the minimum that adults should be doing. During lockdown, Les Mills have partnered together with TVNZ to bring daily workout classes that can be done from your living room – no equipment required. These are free to watch and give you a chance to stop for 30 minutes early in the morning, and get in some much needed exercise!

An early morning jog around the block, or some yoga in front of tv can help wake your body up for a fresher perspective on the day.
  1. Get outside, and get some fresh air and sunlight

They say, “sunshine is the best medicine” and when you’re cooped up inside all day, sometimes that can be just what you need. A quick jaunt into the sun can have many benefits, including revitalising us and energising us for the day ahead, so if you hit that midday slump, getting out for some sunlight and fresh air can give you the final boost to get through the day. This doesn’t mean getting on the bike shorts and going for a run but is as simple as lying out on your deck or balcony and just letting the sun in!

  1. Organise your work into daily WIPs

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with work when at home, and so in dividing your workday into urgency and achievable tasks, you can get a better grasp on your week. The best technique is to identify your “Top 3” for the day and prioritise those. This should be in exception to meetings. In achieving 3 things at work per day, that’s 15 per week, and you’re well on your way to having more fulfilling days. Start off small, such as “Email budgets to team”, “Brainstorm campaign for week ahead” or “Complete training course”, so that you can get into the rhythm and really build up the habit!

  1. Celebrate even the smallest wins

Lockdown is not a normal time, and as such, we can’t celebrate success in the normal way. Try instead to celebrate the small wins in your day. Managed to go for a walk? Celebrate. Managed to chat to most of your clients? Celebrate! Identify the small things you achieve in your day, and acknowledge them! Celebrations and identifying positivity is essential in our day to ensure that we’re remaining in a positive frame of mind. It’s easy to get dragged into the latest case numbers, and the doom and gloom of the pandemic, so take charge by keeping your mental wellbeing at the forefront!

  1. Stay connected. Stay social

During lockdown, it’s easy to become a bit recluse. Keeping yourself socially engaged and organising ways to communicate is extremely important. Organise a viewing party for your favourite tv series, play games online over zoom, or arrange virtual drinks for the team at 4.00pm every day for a no-work-chat-allowed check in! Staying social is also key to making reintegration into office society a lot easier after spending so much time apart!

  1. Revisit old hobbies

During our standard day-to-day, it can be easy to let our hobbies drop off, and to forget what makes us happy. Lockdown gives us the opportunity to revisit those hobbies we once found enjoyment in, and to reignite the pleasure it gives us. Pick up those knitting needles, paint your favourite vista, or dominate the chess board – whatever your hobby is, now is the time to revisit it, and to make it a priority to have time for yourself.

Even with all these techniques, slip-ups are inevitable and it’s important to remember that on some days, none of these techniques will help. Be gentle on yourself during this difficult time, and remember that prioritising the mental and physical health of yourself and your family comes before anything else!

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