Top 5 Tips to Beat Those New Year Blues

January 17, 2022

January. The month for resolutions, lofty goals and a 'New Year, New Me' approach to eating, exercise and rest. However, as we get back into the swing of things with work, and our schedules go back to the standard routine we rely on to function, it can be easy to feel like the days spent on the beach or with a cocktail in hand are a distant memory! Even the promise that we give ourselves every December of 'Next Year I'll be better' can induce some much unwanted and highly unnecessary anxiety when Jan 1 finally arrives. That's why we've compiled our top tips to help you stave off the New Year blues in 2022!

Step One: Take care of your health

A holiday isn't a holiday without a resonable amount of self-care. The extra sleep, laughs with friends and time spent doing things that benefit us in differing ways is so important for our health. As our days are reoccupied by our busy work schedules, it can be easy to let your better eating habits, proper sleeping schedule or your social calendar fall the wayside. Reprioritise this for 2022, and keep these habits up, to ensure you're balancing your mental and physical health needs, alongside your career life. We're all used to some degree of flexible working at this stage, so endeavour to get out for some fresh air on your lunch break, continue reading that book (Don't leave it until next year again!) or catch up with a mate for lunch. By putting your wellbeing first, you'll find everything else falls into line!

Your health is essential to keeping afloat in the modern world.

Consider a change

It's normal to feel a bit glum about returning to work after such a wonderful holiday season. However, if you find that this feeling isn't fading as you settle back into your normal routine, then it may be a sign that you're ready for a new adventure. We're experts at confidentially helping you navigate this strange territory between careers or roles, and our Experts will gladly chat with you to see how they can help. As we head into 2022, the market is still short on exceptional talent, and so now is really the perfect time to be looking for a new job.

2021 was rough on everyone, and so it's natural that for some the lustre of their job will have faded, and should be something left behind in 2021. Weigh up your options, and if you find that you're still feeling indecisive then let's chat and just lay all the cards on the table - you never know where it might lead!

Work shouldn't be totally unbearable - consider a change if you're not fulfilled.

Get your next holiday in the calendar

Suspense is a natural endorphin booster, and is proven to be good for your mental health. We're not just talking about suspense in thrilling films, but also in waiting for your next holiday or the release of something you're looking forward to experiencing. In your first few weeks back at work, get your next holiday locked in so that you have something to look forward to. It's common to go "I'm feeling great right now, so I'll wait until I feel a bit bleh to book something new" but by the time that comes around, it's often too late. A holiday, or extended weekend, every 3 to 6 months is essential for maintaining a positive disposition. Check out our LinkedIn post where we highlighted the top dates you should utilise to turn public holidays into proper holidays!

Keep the bags packed, and the calendar full, so you can look ahead!

Make goals you can actually achieve

Goals. Every year someone will tell you about goal making and how amazing it is, but often when we think of goals, we think backwards and only focus on the ones we fail to achieve every year. The standard idea of 'goals' doesn't work for everyone however, and in 2022, you should reframe them to suit your narrative. If you need personal KPIs then put rewards to your goal achievements - a dinner out when you clear some debt, or $100 towards a new outfit when you achieve health goals. If you need progression, then set yourself some form of satisfaction milestone, or devise a means to measure your activity so that you can actually see your growth and development. Create a means whereby goals will actually work for you, and not be lofty objectives that you can never hope to reach!

Make goals that are actually worth achieving, and that you can stick to.

Give yourself a break, literally

It is all too common for modern individuals to be extremely hard on themselves. In the media we're surrounded by people looking their best, photos of beautiful vistas where the sunset melts into sapphire seas, and celebrations. Seeing so much happiness can be good, in measured doses, however when we've had a rough day at work and we see that kid from high school relaxing on a beach in Greece, it can be hard to feel like we're living our own lives to the utmost. Mitigate this by giving yourself a break from everything that's going on, and recognise the small victories you have. Sure, people might be relaxing on the beach, but they will have their own issues and tribulations too. Consider a tech-free evening, to give yourself a break from social media, play a board-game instead of watching the evening news or nurture a new hobby to bring some more light to your life!

Take time for you, and check out from the rest of the world for a bit!

We hope these tips will help you tackle 2022 like a pro! Check out our other tips and tricks for navigating the job market here, or get in contact with us to start a conversation!

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