Your guide to conquering Video Interviews

November 12, 2021

Let’s face it, the world of recruitment has transformed forever. We’re part of a growing digital era, where interviews are conducted remotely, where team games and drinks are done over video calls, and where sitting in your dressing gown on the couch working on a Monday morning has become the norm. What is often overlooked however, is the impact that this can have on people interviewing for roles, from both sides of the camera. We caught up with Candidate Manager Suze Dyson to chat through her top tips for being a true pro at video interviews, in this wild and uncertain landscape.

Susanna Dyson is one of our resident Candidate Managers. Working in the Auckland IT & Digital team, she works closely with candidates and our consultants to find and place exceptional talent. Outside of work, she loves travelling, going on random hikes with her husband, and exploring the cuisine scene of Auckland.

So, what are some of the key things that make video interviewing so different to face-to-face interviewing?

Video interviews give companies the ability to hire faster, get more key players involved and reach more in-demand candidate. We’ve definitely seen a growing trend in businesses being able to react faster as they’ve adjusted to this new way of working and I believe the companies who adopt digital hiring processes long term will have the most success in the future.

Be bright, attentive and bring your personality in spades when interviewing over a digital medium.

Do you think video interviewing is the new way of life for recruitment?

Absolutely. We are working with clients who, before Covid, would have never hired candidates solely using video interviewing but now they have and they see it works and works well, it has totally changed the game. It also allows a greater level of flexibility as it removes the need to travel, to book out meeting rooms or to feel a need to pad out time. Especially during lockdowns, people can find more flexibility and comfortability in their day to have a quick phone call or video chat.

Real talk. Can I get away with wearing pyjama pants on the bottom during a video interview?

Of course you can! I’ve been guilty of interviewing a candidate in mine. However, even if an interviewer won’t be seeing your bottom half, dressing the part will help create a more professional atmosphere that can ultimately help with your mindset.

Dress comfortably! Although pyjama pants might jump mind here, having a nice outfit on can boost your confidence, and make you shine even brighter over video!

I’m having consistent internet issues which is making it difficult to do the interview, should I just give up or should I try and reschedule? Does a reschedule look bad on me as a candidate?

I interview candidates daily and technical glitches arise all the time. Hopefully you won’t encounter any issues but at the same time, how you deal with these issues can be a good way to show how proactive you are under pressure. My advice especially if you often encounter internet issues is to have a backup plan and continue the video interview from your mobile using mobile data. If nothing seems to work, then communicate with the interviewer that you are very much interested in the role and would like the opportunity to reschedule at a time that works for them. Rescheduling is always preferred than giving up entirely.

Being proactive in situations of difficulty that randomly arise, can actually help bolster your interview, by showing how you respond to an actual challenge.

What are some of the things I can do to put my best foot forward, so to speak, over video, since I can’t use any of the usual face-to-face techniques?

Tip One – Find somewhere that is distraction free and with a neutral background and good lighting. There’s nothing worse than hearing your neighbour mowing their lawns in the background or having a glare on your screen.

Tip Two – Test your equipment, make sure your video and microphone are working as they should be and get familiar with the video platform you’ll be using during the interview.

Tip Three – Now this one may seem obvious to some but please try to keep eye contact with your interviewer by looking into the camera. It can be very distracting if you’re looking down or at another screen during an interview. The more you can do to engage throughout the interview, the better your chances.

Tip Four – Remember to smile and let your personality shine through. Bring as much of yourself to the video as you would if you were sitting across from the interviewer.

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